How to beautify your garden in winter: recycle your zinc objects in the fall!

Basins, jugs, watering cans … zinc objects and the past is invited to the garden.

Each of my zinc objects, which I have arranged in the garden, has its story: a crush on a flea market, a gift from my neighbor, a parental “inheritance” …

Today, I show you how I gave them a second life, far from their original function: my basins will not wash clothes but will welcome pretty hellebores !! Because diverted from its original use, each zinc object will bring a touch of personal charm to the garden!

A few purchases of plants and potting soil, a bit of protection to preserve these zinc objects that have gone through time, and all this little world will embellish the garden alongside angels, hearts and crowns !!

This autumn I started by planting cyclamen bulbs from Naples; then I had to repot my last purchases: Houseleeks, but also other flowers and plants, acquired to enliven the garden until spring; thoughts, traditional and unavoidable, as well as other robust little ones who will not make the winter a sad season, like hellebores and “winter heathers”.

The ideal is to let your zinc objects naturally age, traces of wear telling the story of the latter … However, when we chine objects they sometimes need a little help to not that they age prematurely, especially if you place plants that will bring moisture.

I am lucky to have a neighbor who practices airbrushing to strip furniture and objects, and she kindly offered to renovate my zinc objects found in flea markets.

Then, whatever the object (zinc or tinplate, aluminum …) that you have chosen, large or small, it will be necessary to make a few holes in the bottom so that the water can escape. Brush the rust a little with a wire brush and apply a marine varnish if necessary, to stop the natural degradation of the metal.