Decorative trend for Christmas: zinc and galvanized steel

A decorative trend for Christmas 2019 is the decorations in zinc and galvanized steel. Although there is nothing glamorous about this type of material, you will see that the result is just amazing!

This decorative trend for Christmas is rather industrial style. We are very far from the good old red and green decorations that we see unfortunately everywhere. Some will say that it’s a little cold and that it lacks color. However, personally, I find it quite warm if you mix these two materials with greenery; like fir or holly for example.

Here is a very simple example to put in place. For your Christmas tree, use metal buckets. A galvanized tray and a tray are perfect for holding some seasonal ornaments or plants. In addition, once past holidays, you can reuse without any worry this accessory for your decoration.

Another example, to overcome your tree, you can also choose to create a star wire. It’s very simple to achieve and the effect is great. In addition the budget will not be too high. You can also buy pretty thin steel boards and cut them with pieces to create decorations to hang in your tree.

If you’re not a fan of DIY, or do not have too much time for your Christmas decorations, you can also buy your home decor. As this style is fashionable this year, you will not have a hard time finding a whole slew of Christmas decorations in deco stores, on online deco shops or in DIY stores. You will see below some of these objects. I hope you will find some nice ideas for your Christmas decor 2019.